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Introducing the first vehicle utility application in Egypt and the Middle East.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Essential Service Reminder

Many of us loose track of essential services that needs to be done to our vehicles on time, which might lead to serious damage to our vehicles if not done. With TORQ you will always be reminded with every service you will choose to be reminded, just activate the service you need while adding your vehicle.

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Smart & Elegant Design

Interesting Feeds

TORQ timeline brings you the world vehicle up to date news and promotions. a space where you can sell or buy your vehicle.

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With activating your notifications you will not miss a reminder of an important service or interesting news and promotions.

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Smart & Elegant Design


TORQ is an essential free utility application, which will receive millions of downloads. its the perfect spot to expose your service or product. Advertise your business or brand withing the feeds or choose one of the available banners your ads will be dinamic where it will direct the customer directly to your social media page/profile or to your webpage.

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Customers trust us

Customers trust us because we consistently deliver exceptional products and services that exceed their expectations. Our track record of success speaks for itself, with countless satisfied clients who continue to choose us time and time again.

The Torq mobile app is amazing! It's a game-changer for managing vehicle maintenance. Just a few taps and you can add all your vehicles and important info like brake oils, license expiry, air filter changes, and more. The app even sends reminders for upcoming maintenance tasks, so you never miss a beat. Plus, Torq keeps you updated with the latest vehicle news and updates.

Junaid Hasan

As a vehicle owner, staying on top of maintenance dates and important details can be a challenge. But thanks to Torq, I no longer have to worry about missing any crucial maintenance tasks.The best part? The app sends timely reminders for upcoming maintenance, ensuring that I never overlook an important service again.

Yasmin Akter

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